About Faith In Action Ministries

Faith in Action

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. And in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those having gifts of administration and those speaking in different kinds of tongues" [1 Corinthians 12:27-28]

As a member-focused, purpose-driven congregation, we are aggressive about providing opportunities for serving as well as ensuring that those necessary services are available to our members and the community.

We are intentional as we put our faith into action to provide for the needs of church body and the community through the tithing of our gifts and talents in obedience to the Word of God.

FIAC provides a central point of contact for connecting and nurturing volunteers through post membership follow-ups, recognition and celebration.

Ministries, partners, activities and events that provide serving opportunities for congregants are aligned with the system of beliefs (that is, Worship, Discipleship, Stewardship, Fellowship and Pastoral Care that we embrace at First Baptist Church.

Driving the bus or van, singing in a choir, serving in the media ministry and greeting congregants are just a few of the opportunities for service that are aligned with Worship. Teaching Sunday school or Bible Study, facilitating seminars and workshops, participating in the Men's or Women's ministries and serving in J.A.M. comes under Discipleship.

Missionary works, Scholarship, Economic Empowerment and volunteering in the Church Office are aligned with Stewardship. The Small Groups Ministry and Technology (including the development and maintenance of this website) comes under the umbrella of Fellowship.

Chefs, cooks, food handlers, senior or seasoned member activities, Pastor's Aide and caring for those in need, are associated with Pastoral Care.

Ministry Organizations

Ministry Name First Name Last Name
African Rev. Tabiri Chukunta tchukunta@fbcsomerset.com
Anointed Praise Dancers Normarie McLean normariemclean@aim.com
Boys Scouts Sinclair Bishop T135BSA@gmail.com
C.G. Wooding Nurses Carole Sampson-Landers eguli810@comcast.net
Culinary Ministry Cynthia Holliday cholliday@fbcsomerset.com
Childcare Victoria Crawford mrsvickiecrawford@gmail.com
Children's Mass Choir Desiree Middleton dm08873@aol.com
Deaf Valerie Williams Increase4@aol.com
Designated Friends Johari Powell joharipowell@gmail.com
Designated Friends Tra'Shaun Powell trashaun.powell@gmail.com
dfree® Juanita Painson jpainson@gmail.com
dfree® Kwabena Yamoah kyamoah@gmail.com
dfree® Capital Campign Chair Yvette Farmer cyef1@aol.com
dfree® Capital Campaign Co-Chair Beverly White beverlyhwhite@thebkwgroup.com
Entrepreneur Barbara Jones jjones7142@aol.com
Faith In Action Central Sandra Smith ssmith7840@aol.com
Finger Singers of Faith Valerie Williams Increase4@aol.com
Fusion Young Adult Ministry Lisa James lisajames.1@hotmail.com
Fusion Young Adult Ministry Chair Kathy Desire kdesi23@yahoo.com
Fusion Young Adult Ministry Co-chair Heather Wilson hsw0016@yahoo.com
Hospitality Priscilla Tippett mspris@optonline.net
Hospitality Leanora Cousins theladylea@aol.com
ICD Min. Deborah Stapleton stapletondl@aol.com
JAM Rev. Nyle Fort nfort@fbcsomerset.com
Jr. JAM Rev. Nyle Fort nfort@fbcsomerset.com
Jr. Ushers Patricia Ann McMillian trishmack@msn.com
Leader to Leader (L2L) Donna Soaries mdsoaries@verizon.net
LoveForce HIV/AIDS Karen Randolph ranoff4@msn.com
LoveForce HIV/AIDS Lynda Ocampo Thomas nanasboys@aol.com
Marriage Ricardo Myers ricardowmyers@gmail.com
Marriage Denise Myers denisesmyers@gmaill.com
Media Ministry Lisa Earl media@fbcsomerset.com
Men Building Men (MBM) Keith Harvey chilzone@verizon.net
Men's Choir Mark Bailey midman76@yahoo.com
Missionary Ministry Andrew Turner aturner38@optimum.net
NAMINJ (mental illness) Cynthia Miles-Small cynthmiles@naminj.org
Naomi's Fellowship Willye Lee cotball@aol.com
Naomi's Fellowship Betty Lawrence jwl_1947@yahoo.com
Online Ministry Rev. Sheila Gipson sgipson@fbcsomerset.com
Online Ministry Joy Gardner joywgardner@gmail.com
Pastor's Aide Rita Spencer r.j.spencer@att.net
Pastor's Aide Chair Ray Flewellen flew5@aol.com
Pastor's Aide Co-Chair Denise Watkins dmark144@msn.com
Praise Ensemble Ann Young ayoung@fbcsomerset.com
Prayer Posse Peggy Redd pegreddhere@verizon.net
Project (25:36) - Prison Min. Errol Cooper coopererrolc@optonline.net
Project 600 Rev. Nyle Fort nfort@fbcsomerset.com
Faith in Action Bookstore Yvonne Suber ysuber@aol.com
Faith in Action Bookstore Brenda Bridges jolagio@msn.com
Scholarship Ministry Steven Cooper stevecooper110@gmail.com
Security Lanuel Ferguson ljferguson08610@verizon.net
Senior Ushers Robbin Cates-Caldwell rcates829@aol.com
Senior's Fellowship Mary Barnes ebonyqueen@optonline.net
Senior's Fellowship Secretary Phyllis Hundley  
Single Parents Valerie Barnes Valhome1@verizon.net
Summer Renewal Min. Deborah Stapleton stapletondl@aol.com
Sunday School Reginal Johnson reginal.johnson@comcast.net
Tapestry Ministry Peter Breyer PBreyer@uhi.org
Tapestry Ministry Nana Etse nanaetse@gmail.com
T.I.P.S. Herman Chandler handvchandler@gmail.com
Transportation Lucille Morris lucillemorris@verizon.net
VOP Ann Young ayoung@fbcsomerset.com
Wellness Ministry Deborah Davis ddavis10@its.jnj.com
Women's Auxiliary Rosetta Stevens stevens664@aol.com
Women's Auxiliary Helen Daniels  
Women's Ministry Rev. Alyson Browne Johnson ajohnson@fbcsomerset.com
Women's Retreat Nicole Pride nicolepride@aol.com
Young Adult's Choir Ann Young ayoung@fbcsomerset.com
Trustees Charles Corpening cecorpening@aol.com
Deacons Mason Powell masonpowell@comcast.net
Deaconesses Bernice Johnson bj109@aol.com

Volunteer (Application to Serve)

If you are interested in volunteering in a ministry or providing community-focused services, click VOLUNTEER or contact Sandra Smith for more information.