Freedom School

Fourth Trimester | February 17th – March 23rd

Registration for the fourth trimester is now open.


Delve into a profound exploration of the lives of women across time and cultures with “The Color Purple, Scripture & Tradition.” This course explores the powerful narratives of women who, against the backdrop of both biblical stories and the harrowing eras of African American enslavement and post-Civil War, displayed resilience, strength, and resistance. Scholars will think critically about the well-known and untold stories of women who defied oppression, fought for their rights, and navigated the complex terrain of family, faith, and freedom.

Dr. Deborah Gray White & Rev. Danté R. Quick, Ph. D.

The Making of a Prophet” is a thought-provoking and comprehensive course that explores prophetic figures, both historical and contemporary, examining the distinction between a prophetic voice and the traditional role of a prophet as outlined in biblical texts. This course encourages participants to think critically about the essence and evolution of prophethood while navigating its relevance in today’s dynamic society.

Min. Angela Pearson & Rev. Justin Henderson

dfree® is a spiritually-based financial movement that offers a 12-step program designed to help individuals become debt-free, create savings and investment plans and make preparations to leave a legacy.


11:15 am – 12:30 pm (Hybrid)

Chasing the God of our Ancestors: Where it All Began! hopes to meet the goal of Freedom School and the 2024 theme of FBCLG by helping our young scholars learn about who God is through the relationships their ancestors (both biblical and non-biblical) had with and to the God of the Bible. Each week, scholars will be introduced to critical biblical texts and “characters” in the book of Genesis to develop an understanding of God’s character, actions, and love for God’s people. Accompanying the explication of the Biblical text and characters will be a lesson on an essential historical African or African American figure whose story is analogous to the week’s biblical content and aligned with the week’s lesson. Indeed, scholars will become God Chasers by Chasing or pursuing God by looking at the stories of those who lived long before them and learning how their relationship to and with God might impact and inform their own.