Freedom School

2024 Spring Trimester | May 11th- June 5th

Registration will open Friday May 3rd 


It has often been argued that Malcolm X and Dr. King became bigger in death than they were in life. To be sure, the meaning of both men varies depending on the person or group extolling their virtues or decrying their shortcomings. “The Life, Politics & Theology of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X” is a compelling course that studies two iconic leaders whose lives, beliefs, and methods profoundly shaped American history. This trimester, we will delve into the lives, theology, and politics of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., an examination necessary for anyone interested in gaining a substantive understanding of U.S. political history and the African American struggle against discrimination and oppression.

Dr. Kelly Harris, Ph. D. & Rev. Bryan McAllister, M.Div.

Lens of Liberation: Reading the Bible while Black is a thought-provoking course that invites scholars to explore the Bible through the historical lens of African American hermeneutics. This course will trace the rich history of Black biblical interpretation, highlighting the perspectives and voices that have shaped faith and spirituality in the African American community through the centuries. Scholars will be equipped with a nuanced approach to reading the Bible, fostering a greater appreciation for how African American hermeneutics can enrich their spiritual journey.

Rev. Justin Henderson & Min. Angela Pearson


11:15 am – 12:30 pm (Hybrid)

Chasing the God of our Ancestors: Flourish! hopes to meet the goal of Freedom School and the 2024 theme of FBCLG by helping our young scholars learn about how God calls us to pursue growth for themselves and their community. Each week, scholars will be introduced to critical biblical texts and “characters” in the bible to develop an understanding of God’s character, God’s desire for his people. Accompanying the explication of the Biblical text and characters will be a lesson on an essential historical figure whose story is analogous to the week’s biblical content and aligned with the week’s lesson. Indeed, scholars will become God Chasers by Chasing or pursuing God by looking at the stories of those who lived long before them and learning how their relationship to and with God might impact and inform their own.