“One of the reasons that we talk about mental health every week is because black children are suffering from depression at higher rates than any other point in history.”

Rev. Danté R. Quick, Ph.D.

Minister Joan Marshall

Associate Pastor, Wellness and Care

Our Commitments to Wellness

We are guided by Scripture and therefore are committed to:

  • Addressing the social determinants that affect the holistic health and wellness of our community (internally and externally) with an ethic of love, social justice and unity.
  • Becoming a trauma-informed ministry that lives out the pillars and commitments of the sanctuary model.

Stop being ashamed of self-care. Be okay with taking a day off from toxic people.

Rev. Danté R. Quick, Ph.D.

Wellness & Care Ministry

Mental Health Meditations

Dr. Nena T. Sapp

Dr. Barbara Prempeh

Racism can be a cause of trauma. How many of us have been traumatized over and over again just by watching the same black man with a knee on his neck?

Rev. Danté R. Quick, Ph.D.

There is no victory in working yourself to death. There is nothing good in dying for other people. Jesus died for them, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself.

Rev. Danté R. Quick, Ph.D.