Consistent giving by members results in early mortgage payment

FBCLG is excited to announce that the church made an early mortgage principal payment today.

“Although the country is amid a prolonged downturn in the economy, FBCLG members have
been faithful in their giving,” said Rev. Danté R. Quick, Ph.D., senior pastor at FBCLG. “We honor
their financial sacrifice by reducing the church’s debt.”

During FBCLG’s recent mid-year Congregation Ministry Meeting, the church’s leadership also
announced the ending of leases for two suites located at 727 Franklin Boulevard in Somerset
that housed the church’s administrative offices.

“The relocation of staff offices to the church is a fiscally prudent move to be good stewards of our
finances,” said Leon Largie, the church’s executive director.

During the Mid-year Congregation Ministry Meeting, FBCLG’s treasurer read a statement by an
independent auditor that indicated FBCLG’s financial practices are maintained by widely
accepted accounting principles and its financial records are in good standing.

Other 2022 highlights recapped during the meeting included:

  • The successful completion of Phase I of the church’s reopening whereby safe in-person options for worship and learning were provided
  • New positions filled for pivotal roles that support the direction of the church
  • Introducing the concept of Ash Wednesday
  • An expanded Holy Week celebration, including a foot and hand washing ceremony
  • An in-person and on-site Resurrection Sunday celebration
  • A weeklong pastoral installation celebration that included teaching and preaching by renowned theologians and unique fellowship opportunities for members
  • The reintroduction of Christian Education through Wednesday Night Word bible study and Vacation Bible School, as well as training opportunities for bible teachers